Saturday, July 7, 2007

Triple Seven (07-07-07) & the Promise

Today, rather tommorow (just passed), Mr B experienced shock(s) of his lifetime. The day 07-07-07, someone told its relevance a day before - it could be associated with victory, glory and what not but what mattered most (to him) was that it was known for success in love, a day ruled by Venus. The so called smarty started sowing seeds for what he was most expected to do.

The thought of having three dates for the day known for 7 [thought -7 not practically possible; not because god has reserved only 24 hours for the day but because he didn't have 7 targets] mesmarised him.

No. 1. He contacts his latest interest on Friday, she has been quite forthcoming since last few weeks. The initial reply is not welcoming but things are in line - the bravo knows he's a great finisher. Contacts her in the evening, the girl's busy or doesn't want to respond - anyways hopes alive. The fighter keeps nagging throughout the evening gets a response that she'll respond later..................... ohhhhhhh wait.

No. 2. No other work on Friday as lot of preparation to undergo before the '7 day' begins. Now the next target - bad news from her - she has some urgent work on the day............ ohhhh so the chapter closed?
No, the fighter utilises the time as well as the timing to his benefit. Shows how important she is for him on the day - willing to miss the late night office party and his most awaited movie (both the plans were just created for being dumped) so that he can manage early morning ride with her. So the smartness seems working; ek teer teen shikaar - a) conveys the girl - how much he likes her, b) creates a new and interesting date out of almost nothing (early morning ride) and c) more time left to be allocated for the other two. Mr B is on cloud seven+2.

No. 3. Now the third target - supposidely the easiest. Sends a lovely text message and gets a sweet return. Experience says - she's ready for tomorrow. Mr B's in no hurry as he's still awaiting reply from no.1, wants to utilize no. 3 accordingly.

Now everything seems to be in place. Arrangement of the places/locations also starts. The '7day' is awaited.

It starts a bit low with no.1 not turning out till 00:30am. Failure can not be accepted, he gives her a call (had never done that before at that hour). No one pics up the phone. Thinks she's slept - will call in the morning. By the time gives a call each to no.2 & 3 to make sure the plan's executed properly. Is happy at the proceedings, gets a confirmation and a sweet goodnight message from no. 2 and enquires about no. 3's plans, is happy to know that she doesn't have any and tells her the same.

At 7:00am gives a call to no.2, she says she plans to go with someone else, ............ what...... is the reaction. She gives some stupid reason Mr B is furious........ The so called Venus day starts with signs of Saturn.

It's 9:00am, Mr. furious plans to revive the unexpected loss from no.2 with gain from no.1. Calls up. Gets an answer that not only shocks him but breaks his confidence.
The conversation:
HI --------
No. 2 - (a very formal) hello
Good morning
No. 2 - yes, tell me
Yaar I was waiting for your call yesterday evening, gave u a call in the night, u would have slept may be........
No. 2 - no, I was awake at that time
Hain........ so why din't you reply......
No. 2 - I dont reply to outsiders' calls after 11
What do you mean to say
No. 2 - she tries to explain.......... says something like - try to understand blah blah blah........ Mr B never listens rather is not in a position. Could not react as was for the first time in such situation. It took some time to recover but he did.

Mr heartbroken had nothing left to loose now. Was just thinkinng of utilising the day and no.3, his most tried and trusted target. Gets a call from her, She's coming to a place nearby his for some work by 12:00pm and has no plan for rest of the day (by this she means that I plan to spend rest of the day with you). The dude chalks down a perfect plan in next half an hour. Makes the required adjustments and bookings. Calls her at 11:30am; her reaction astonishes, she was talking like an altogether different girl.
No. 3 - Yes, I plan to come there but it's not possible to meet you today,
No. 3 - It's not possible!
What has hapenned?
No. 3 - It's just not possible!
No. 3 - Yaar, tereko ek baari me samajh nahi aata hai.........
But I want to know the reason
No. 3 -................. (no answer)
Can not even make a wild guess, what could have happened

Calls her after 15 minuets - same reply.........
Calls after 10 mins............ no answer yet.......
the action is repeated for next three times........

Its lunch time........ doesn't feel like having any food.......... goes to bed and sleeps.

The last time he went for a drink when he was rejected in an interview (dream job), took too much......... that day made a promise to himself that will never take liquor when rejected or dejected.......

The promise was broken.


Unknown said...

hey bro.......... read & could feel the trauma.... is issue pe to har koi can be empathetic. Must say.....u got a little more.

nyways chill.....

Mahaveer Singh Bisht said...

hey Mann......

thanks for the understanding...
but you know this happnes to me often..... whenever I'm over-confident, I get it hard on the face.

Mahaveer Singh Bisht said...

ohhh..... now I see the date of ur comment....
so, again a delayed response from my side