Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nazar me rahte ho.......

It's the Republic day & I am in full patriotic spirit..... good day to turn things around, start a new life, do things (stand attention during a Jana Gana Mana; go to a school and shout 'Bharat Mata Ki..... Jai'; watch the R-day parade and....) that we don't usually do........ now I don't say we dont have other day's to start a new life - 1st January has recently passed and mera pichhla post gavaah hai iska ;)
I had a great day so far - woke up so early and had a 'hardworking day':
  • jogging & work out
  • attended Unnati function, an AID school
  • kind of helped to organise another R-Day function
  • washed some clothes
  • washed my car
  • went for some shopping - thought would take benefit of the 60% sales (the retail guys celebrated the 60th anniv of the Constitution by clearing their old stocks)

and yet I'm not so tired so thought I'll write something..... and take this opportunity to mention about Gulzaar's latest masterpiece that he wrote for AMAN KI AASHA... it's amazing, here goes Gulzaar sahab:

Dikhaayi dete hain door tak apne hi saaye koi; magar bulaane se waqt laute na aaye koi

Chalo na fir se bichhayein dariyan, bajayein dholak; laga ke mehandi, sureele tappe sunaye koi

Patang udaayein chhaton pe chad ke mohalle wale; falak to saanjha hai usme penche ladaaye koi

Utho kabbaddi-kabbadi khelenge sarhadon pe; jo aaye abke to phir na laut ke jaaye koi

Nazar me rahte ho jab tum nazar nahi aate; ye sur bulaate hain jab tum idhar nahi aate

[दिखायी देते हैं दूर तक अपने ही साए कोई; मगर बुलाने से वक़्त लौटे ना आए कोई
चलो ना फिर से बिछायें दरियाँ, बजायें ढोलक; लगा के मेहंदी, सुरीले टप्पे सुनाए कोई
पतंग उड़ायें छतोन पे चॅड के मोहल्ले वाले; फलक तो सांझा है उसमे पेंचे लड़ाए कोई
उठो कब्बड्डी-कब्बड़ी खेलेंगे सरहदों पे; जो आए अबके तो फिर ना लौट के जाए कोई
नज़र मे रहते हो जब तुम नज़र नही आते; ये सुर बुलाते हैं जब तुम इधर नही आते.]

Isn't this an amazing poetry/shayari..... I'm still mesmerised by 'falak to saanjha hai, usme penche ladaaye koi'...... About 'Aman Ki Aasha' - I love the concept and the way both Times & Jung have planned it and are executing....... kudos to them. I attended the 'Aman Ki Aasha' Delhi concert where Kailash & Rahat performed, again an amazing experience.

I think initiatives like 'Aman Ki Aasha' & 'Fir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara' are a real proof that we are atleast one ladder up in prosperity as well as a thinking unit from what we were a decade ago; especially now these initiatives are coming up from the corporate houses/media. 'Fir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara' - might be the topic for my next post, just saw it's first cut, seems promising but I couldn't resist comparing it with the previous version and felt that it lacks the purpose..... anyways these are the first thoughts will keep you posted.

So with this I end my 27th Republic Day as I'll doze off just after entering next few letters.

Have a great time!

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