Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Today, yes it all started today.....

A thousand emotions passed the heart when I saw the date today,

I really don’t want to remember what happened on this day,

But forget, forgetting this day; it runs into my mind like a slow replay,

Don’t know why, why did I succumbed to the heart and had to obey,

It all had to start today, ‘the worst yet the best day of my life’ you could say.

Why don’t I have a ‘shift-delete’ for this mind?

Why, in this huge chaos…. that face I can still find?

Why, why.... that day she didn’t just ignore my words and became blind?

And why, why... did I had to put my heart into the grind?

Yes, it all started that day when probably after ages my face had shined.

Little I knew that the shine and excitement was not to last,

And as the old people often say 'happy days pass very fast',

I always knew this that for a romantic story, I was not the right cast,

There, in no time I was fighting with my future, present as well as past,

Don't know if it was us OR if it was life - everything seemed to be a strange contrast.

Still on this day, I must say, about that day I have no regret,

It just happens to be one of those days that one can’t forget,

This day will play into my mind, even after a while when life’s all set,

But I still don’t how to take this day - whether to rejoice or get upset,

It all started today; I don’t really know why but this day makes my eyes a little wet.


Anonymous said...

hi again nice one, would want to know more about the day and why it gives you mixed feelings, if I got the message right. seems there is lotto talk on this.


Anonymous said...

hi mahaveer and good morning.. this is what i felt after reading your post..if you can still find that face in this chaos, then don't try to do something you can't only because she said no to you on that day..on that day remember her as one you love not as one who said no..things will become easier then and rest leave to god and time..

Anonymous said...

i m sure this year u won't remember this date. god bless u.