Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Insane insomnia... and the scary tunnel

a long, dark, scary tunnel... with lot of twists & turns...
and lot of people, some staring at me, some attacking,
I fought all, kept winning and loosing the body energy
at every turn, I thought I'll get to get some rest and see some light...

alas, turn-after-turn, found no light, only found another fight...
now that I'm awake and thinking.... does that dream just flashed something that I have already been through,
that I feel like relating to..... hmmm, may be that was a trailer of my life...

whatever that was. That was some tunnel and some walk.

on that note I am again sitting here with no sleep. It's been proving difficult to sleep, especially with peace these days..... now you might be thinking, 'how can one sleep without peace?'
when you are already running the body on reserve (extreme lack of sleep) and are still not able to refresh (sleep); and instead, choose something else to do even at 3-4-5am in the morning and suddenly find yourself shaken up by 7am alarm or your maid's knock at the door. I'm sure you pretty much ended up sleeping, not sure if peacefully.

After all these days of 2-3 hrs sleep, I decided to sleep big today but yet again despite all the planning and preparations, I find myself awake at 1:45am, thanks to the long, dark and scary tunnel.

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**** said...

Tunnel will end.. Listen to your heart.. you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free..

Take a guess!