Sunday, July 3, 2011

stuff that my brain has been churning out....

....thoughts that have been hitting me lately, some came out after deep diving into the matters of the world, mind and heart, some as a result of a bit of happiness or content and some were just rhyming well :)
I'd recommend you to give them a moment, while you take them away or leave them where they are; I assume some do have the power to change things or lives or the way you might think generally and some would just result in a momentarily smile - both outcomes do fulfill my objective of sharing them.

Kuchh hai hai hi nahi jiske liye ye jaan de denge hum....
to kya faayda poori karke jeene ki ye rasam....................
कुछ है है ही नही जिसके लिए ये ज़ान दे देंगे हम,
तो क्या फायेदा पूरी करके जीने की ये रसम|

The world is like an airport where people smile, talk, laugh, frown, cry with you and board; leaving you alone, waiting for your own flight.
well... I would not take full credit for this one, it was jointly kind of thought and developed with this Turkish girl, whose name I couldn't even pronounce and remember now. It was quite a walk with her at England's highest mountain though.

aaj tumse milne ke baad, na rahi unki koi nishaaniyaan..........
Gar dhyaan hai mujhe, kuchh thi to sahi meri pareshaaniyaan
आज तुमसे मिलने के बाद, ना रही उनकी कोई निशानियाँ,
गर याद है मुझे, कुछ थी तो सही मेरी परेशानियाँ|
my favorite of the lot.

Some wouldn't just understand you; some like hell do.
If you don't get this, don't worry; you will, some day.

wo kahte hai thoda aur kar lo, tumhara kya jaata hai.............................
kainse batayein unhe ke ye 'intezaar' karna hi to hamein nahi aata hai.
वो कहते है तोड़ा और कर लो, तुम्हारा क्या जाता है,
कैंसे बतायें उन्हे के ये 'इंतेज़ार' करना ही तो हमें नही आता है|

na soch itna ae dil mere..... bekhauf hain yahaan qaatil tere.
ना सोच इतना आए दिल मेरे..... बेखौफ़ हैं यहाँ क़ातिल तेरे
now I am not sure if this is original, one might have heard it before but for me at that moment this was original. Also if you do a Google, nothing comes out except for my tweet.
Anyway this one came out after 5 pints in a club and I was still trying to assess if it would make sense to approach this sweet looking Spanish girl or not.

after some serious sleeplessness; everything looks 'black and white' to me...and it seems like an exciting way too look at the world.
after no sleep for 4 days in a row, and a lot of digging and thinking....what hit me (which I already knew but never kind of experienced like this) was that it really doesn't matter if you succeed or loose, as this world is 'null and void' and whatever you gave it....good or bad; whatever it gave you... good or bad - doesn't really matter much.
What matters maybe is what you took from what you gave or got and how you will take it further. This world is anyway 'null and void' so you may fill it with whatever you like... positivity or negativity, smiles or cries, guilt or content..... I know after reading this you have many thoughts or questions. and I too have much more to write on this so will dedicate another post entirely on this. Again will not claim this as mine as this is an age old philosophy very easy to talk or discuss but bloody tough to practice.
References: Landmark Education, The Power of Now and Teachings of Budhha

....there are always some words dwindling in my head....just that the music (rhymes) keeps changing...
in Reply to this budding musician friend, Rahul

Ek bheega hua insaan baarish se nahi darta,
Jiske saare sapne toot gaye ho, wo kabhi koi khwaish nahi karta
Jo waqt rahte kabhi gira na ho.... wo bewaqt nahi hai sambhalta
Baarish me ulta dhara bartan kabhi nahi hai bharta
(WIP - will add few, refine and connect, maybe in next post. ref Anupam Kher, Buka, Panchatantra)

If you face criticism, close your eyes and see how you feel. Accept that feeling with grace. You will feel less hurt.
this is not original, a tweet from Chetan Bhagat, that moved me so could not help but share it here.


Anonymous said...

good. second with sixth are more powerful. used just second to imress people over the and there :)


Mahaveer Singh Bisht said...

alright mate, do mention the source when you use them :)
By the way just added another; you wouldn't get it. So you mean 2nd & 7th now, yeah 7th is too powerful.