Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aaj 'A Wednesday' ka message fir chamka... jara practically

Afzal Guru, masterminded the parliament attack in Dec 2001, few facts:
  • He was sentenced to death in 2004, simultaneously mercy petition filed by so called Human Rightists
  • Was to be hanged in Oct 2006, not executed
  • 'India Today poll in the fall of 2006 showed 78% of Indian population supported the death penalty for him but the 'home ministry' was doing their own research on mercy petition (basically sitting on the file)
  • On 13 December 2006, the families of the Jawaans who died during parliament attack returned the Ashok Chakra and other medals to the government for not keeping its word....still the investigation was on
  • 10th August 2011 (YES THEY TOOK 7 YEARS) the home ministry rejected the mercy petition and recommended the President of India to sustain the death penalty.
  • TODAY……Wednesday 07 Sep 2011 HuJI claims responsibility for Delhi HC blast claiming lives of 11 and severe injuries to 65 and these killings are to demand writing-off the death sentence for Afzal..else they say they will kill more of us.

Can you imagine, its been BLOODY 10 YEARS since the parliament attack and we are still not sure whether to hang this guy or not……and what a story this is turning out to be..the government will keep lingering their decision and HuJI will keep killing few more of us and WAIT WAIT WAIT this does not just stop at Afzal. we have Kasabs case as well. If you think its just HuJI or so called Kashmir related outfits, you are hugely mistaken, we havent even been able to hang Rajiv Gandhis killers..and not to mention the Maoists killing when they want every now and then. AND WHAT WE ARE DOING IN RETURN....... well, I guess JUST SIT & THINK.

Now on this Wednesday a bell rings.....3 years back Neeraj Pandey was trying to communicate a message by 'A Wednesday'. AND THE MESSAGE WAS DAMN CLEAR.


on a Wednesday

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