Sunday, October 30, 2011

Political thrillers can't get better...

Two parallel stories going on, two political parties involved, two different lead actors/ set of character artists. One - a saga of corruption and trickery, second - a tale of ruthless killings..... both stories in deadlock. What more do you want from a thriller…..eagerly awaiting the END.

I’m sure the ones who like thrillers would love these. Especially the fact that both are yet to finish and are running in front of our eyes:

“Hang us if you feel we are tainted, but bring Lokpal Bill: Arvind Kelriwal”– the Hindu, 26 Oct 2011

Even as the trustee-cum-travel agent who handled Kiran Bedi's travel account quit her NGO washing his hands off the controversy over inflated bills.

So now they are portraying Kiran Bedi too as corrupt. If you can't beat them, CORRUPT them.

Witness in Sanjiv Bhatt case goes missing – Times of India, 27 October

Police official " We have spoken to his family but they are not yet ready to file any complaint. We can do little at this juncture.”

Seems like a straight takeoff from one of early nineties Sunny Deol movies.

Is it Indian media delivering things in Bollywood style OR is it really going the way it is said.

At this moment, all I can say is that – I am kind of watching a movie and its INTERMISSION after which all I need (maybe want) is……
  • The hero and his fellows to get what they are asking for the nation – Lokpal Bill
  • The hero to be released and at least treated as what he is - a brave-heart
(some people might ask/need different ends to these stories – but that wouldn’t suit the country as well as Bollywood……would it?)

and yes......... romance fans – stay away


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